How We Do Things


The engine of your car

Technology is a resource, and we use whatever gets you to your destination fater. Technology is just the engine of the car you are driving to reach your destination - it does play a part but the more important part is getting to the destination at time. We have extensive experience in React, Angular, Ruby/Rails/Sinatra, Python/Django/Flask, Java, .net core, C, C++, and various other technologies. We work with you to figure out the right tool for the job.


Communication is king

We sit down with you, we listen to you, we work with you to determine a common vocabulary and set of requirements that we are going to deal with. We work closely with you to make sure we are on the same page, so as to avoid any long term consequences. We are there for you on all communication channels - jira, skype, mail, IRC, phone.


Progress goes boink

This is where the we convert dreams & desires to reality. A big part of the process is spent here, and a lot of to & fro happens at this stage. We realize change is a reality of life, and we whole heartedly embrace it. Our software development skills, coupled with the effective communication, ensure that the work is always on track.


It's showtime

We prepare an extensive, cohesive plan to realize an impeccable launch. If things go wrong, we are prepared - we have ample firefighting experience with us to tackle any untoward incidents. That said, things generally don’t go wrong owing to our eye for the details, and extensive testing through which the application passes before launch.


The teenager problem

All was well, but things have changed, and you need us to take care of your berserk teenage kid. Fear not - been there, done it all. Evolving systems are a fact of life, and we are well equipped to handle them.

Let's build something together

We have consistently delivered all kinds of projects for clients of various sizes. Let's get talking and build something beautiful.

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