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About Us

We are a different kind of development shop. Software development is more than a business to us.

We have worked on web and non web based softwares, big data systems, embedded video devices, plethora of languages and platforms. But most importantly, we have been shipping sofwarre of all size, writinng lots of code, and saving tons of money for the clients. We understand the pulse of software development, and based on our development skills and experiece, we work hard to provide you with a pleasant experience and on-time delivery.


Our Ethos

Not a penny more, not a penny less

We build software for your needs, which is often different from what you initially want. We work with you to transform “want” into “need” into “working software”.

Honesty and integrity matters

We appreciate you chose to work with us - we work very hard to ensure quality, honesty, transparency and clarity.

Talk is cheap, show me the code

We assure that measurable progress is being delivered to you starting day 1.

The only constant is change

We know and respect this and work with you to let the software evolve.

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Our Services

We build web, non-web and mobile applications, from internal tools to world facing intefaces, for a small startup to fortune 50 companies.


React, Angular, vanilla JS and much more. We also have extensive experience with backend javascript.


Django/Flask make web development a breeze. And then there is rich scientific and data science ecosystem.

UI and UX

We do most of our design in-house. We also have trusted partners who we engage from time to time for niche needs.

Mobile Development

Andorid, iOS or PWA or all - you pick a choice, we do it for you. We work with Java, Objective C and Swift, and React Native is looking promising.


We have worked with almost all popular and some less popular languages and frameworks over a long period of time. We speak multiple languages natively.


The bigger picture is as important, if not more important that the details. We bring with us more than a decade of software development and design experience.


Need help with agile development, continous deployment pipeline, code review, release management? We have you covered.


Any business or technology consulting needs? Talk to us and we will most likely be able to help.

Let's build something together

We have consistently delivered all kinds of projects for clients of various sizes. Let's get talking and build something beautiful.

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Fun Facts About Us

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics

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