ThoughtNirvana converts your requirements into functioning and reliable software.


We have built all sorts of sites with Rails. It's an absolute pleasure to work with, not to mention it gets the job done fast - really, really fast.


Django is the web framework for perfectionist with a deadline. That is an apt description; both for Django and us.


API development might not need the whole baggage of Rails and Django. Also, Flask and Sinatra are pretty sweet.


We are amused when people consider Javascript a toy language, considering that applications like GMail run on it.


Sometimes a little re-adjustment can do wonders. We can help you rediscover joy of software development.


Need help with legacy systems; or learn about MongoDB, Redis, Clojure? Give us a shout.


We believe Clojure unifies cutting edge research with practicality. Lisp, STM, JVM - what else can one ask for.


We have designed and deployed systems of all size. CMS, Social network, CRM - been there, done it all.


Web is a big, bad place. We write elegant, secure code and also conduct security audits.

Not a penny more, not a penny less

We build software for your needs, which is often different from what you initially want. We work with you to transform "want" into "need" into "working software".
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We've worked with organizations of various sizes.
  • Working with this team has been such a pleasure. They provided hours of dedication to turn our old buggy database into an amazing and useful tool. We explained our vision and they came up with a way to implement it. They were also always available to answer questions no matter what time of day or night.
    Gloria Miletta, IDT Corporation
  • ThoughtNirvana are a team of dedicated, professional engineers who adapted to our development workflow and contributed across the stack -- from our front-end JavaScript through a scripted deployment (that's still how we move code into production!).
    Jonathon Morgan, SATrails
  • Working with ThoughtNirvana was a pleasure. Their team was an extension of our in house technical team, working together to develop and deliver on time. Their strength stems from their availability, the turnaround time, and most importantly, their technical skills. I highly recommend their service.
    Yotam Rosenbaum, Earbits
  • It is no secret that working with remote contractors has its challenges. But having worked with Rahul and Ujjawal of ThoughtNirvana as technical lead and fellow developer, I can highly recommend them as a solid outsourcing solution. Their level of cooperation, professionalism, skill,and availability despite the time-difference was refreshing. It was truly a pleasure working with these guys for a few years, and I hope circumstances will allow us to work with them again.
    Geoffrey Herney, IDT Corporation

Honesty and integrity matters

We appreciate you chose to work with us - we work very hard to ensure quality, honesty, transparency and clarity.
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The ThoughtNirvana way.
Software for the humans, by the humans.
We believe software is a facilitator.
We build software that obeys you, not the other way round.


The engine of your car

Technology is a resource, and we use whatever gets you to your destination faster. Technology is just the engine of the car you are driving to reach your destination - it does play a part but the more important part is getting to the destination at time. We have extensive experience in Ruby/Rails/Sinatra, Python/Django/Flask, Java, Javascript, Clojure, C, C++, and various other technologies. We work with you to figure out the right tool for the job.



Communication is king

We sit down with you, we listen to you, we work with you to determine a common vocabulary and set of requirements that we are going to deal with. We work closely with you to make sure we are on the same page, so as to avoid any long term consequences. We are there for you on all communication channels - skype, mail, IRC, phone.



Progress goes boink

This is where the we convert dreams & desires to reality. A big part of the process is spent here, and a lot of to & fro happens at this stage. We realize change is a reality of life, and we whole heartedly embrace it. Our software development skills, coupled with the effective communication, ensure that the work is always on track.



It's showtime

We prepare an extensive, cohesive plan to realize an impeccable launch. If things go wrong, we are prepared - we have ample firefighting experience with us to tackle any untoward incidents. That said, things generally don't go wrong owing to our eye for the details, and extensive testing through which the application passes before launch.



The teenager problem

All was well, but things have changed, and you need us to take care of your berserk teenage kid. Fear not - been there, done it all. Evolving systems are a fact of life, and we are well equipped to handle them.

ThoughtNirvana endorses open source

Many of the biggies viz. Google, Amazon depend on open source software
We have benefitted a lot from open source
So to return the favor, we open source all non critical code
Don't forget to check us out on Github

Racket's contracts made us jealous, so we created our own.

Flask Template

This nifty little framework can do wonders. Here is a template to get you started.


Still stuck with validating request data manually? Welcome to 21st century.


A little add on to make Ruby a bit more functional.

Python Learners

Library implementing learners for Python.

Python Searchers

Implementation of various search algorithms in Python.

Python Utils

Library implementing various sequence and other Python utilities.

Ruby Itertools

Port of Python's itertools module to Ruby.

Samurai Client

We developed this Python wrapper for FeeFighters.

Sinatra Autoversion

Cache bust your static assets in your sinatra app using this nifty extension.

Sinatra Template

Sinatra packs quite a punch. It's suited for big applications as well.

Slimish Jinja2

Love Jinja2 and Slim templates? No issues, we got them married.


Code for this site. It generates a static site out of ruby code and slim templates.

www redirect

Simple rack application for redirecting naked domains to www.


Stuck with XML? Why not convert it to Python dictionaries?

Talk is cheap, show me the code

We assure that measurable progress is being delivered to you starting day 1.
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Rahul Kumar

Fell in love with programming in high school

I am...

A polyglot. C, C++, Java, .net, Lisp, Erlang, Haskell, Go, you name it, I have worked with all. I am currently committed to Ruby and Python

I am thrilled...

When I discover a performance issue

I Use...


I drink...

Black coffee and beer

I eat...

Whatever is available

I'd rewatch...

Sherlock TV Series

I can...

Bench 100kg in sleep

Ujjawal Asthana

Lost my programming virginity to C but I am currently married to Rails and I share a room with Web Development

I am...

Also best friends with Python and I hang out a lot with Javascript

I am thrilled...

When I see a stylish and fast web application

I use...

Mac + Thinkpad

I drink...

Tea and beer

I eat...

A lot of chicken

I'd rewatch...

The Dark Knight Trilogy

I can...

Do 10 dragon flags without breaking a sweat


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